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Stopped due to error




I'm going through the SRLE guide and had Dyndolod stop with this just now. I find it strange that the error doesn't contain any real information, like the errors i've seen other people report here. Anyone know what this is:

[00:05:22.965] Building a list of LOD objects, please wait...
[00:05:23.139]   World DLC2SolstheimWorld
[00:05:23.161]     Gathering references in DLC2SolstheimWorld "Solstheim" [WRLD:04000800] for STAT ACTI MSTT CONT FURN DOOR LIGH TREE 
[00:05:23.362]     Filtering 17843 references in DLC2SolstheimWorld "Solstheim" [WRLD:04000800] for LOD
[00:05:23.378]       0 of 17843 done
[00:05:24.155]       892 of 17843 done
[00:05:23.397] [DynDOLOD.esp] Adding master "Dragonborn.esm"
[00:05:24.444]       1784 of 17843 done
[00:05:27.602]         disabled NeverFade, replaced by dynamic LOD for Dragonborn.esm [REFR:04020958] (places MQ03SkaalVillageBarrier01 [STAT:04029D26] in GRUP Cell Persistent Children of [CELL:040142EC] (in DLC2SolstheimWorld "Solstheim" [WRLD:04000800]) at 18,17)
[00:05:27.671]       2676 of 17843 done
[00:05:27.931]       3568 of 17843 done
[00:05:28.182]       4460 of 17843 done
[00:05:28.515]       5352 of 17843 done
[00:05:28.577] Exception in unit process line 166: [03000000] < Error: Could not be resolved >
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FAQ: Exception in unit userscript line xxx: [xxxxxxxx]


There is a mod in the load order that links to a non existing form id. Check the load order for errors in xEdit.exe before generating LOD. See this youtube.com/watch?v=Zr7pz4JGSEM for help.

See this answer

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