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Still Vanilla LOD


Hi, :)


Why do I can't select WhiterunWorld or WindhelmWorld ... in Dyndolod ? Only MarkarthWorld is available from the main cities.

I noticed that the lods in my game still use vanilla textures instead of the custom textures I've installed.


What did I miss ?



Greets !! :)

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From DynDOLOD_Manual.html


Worldspace is a large location in the game that typically has LOD.


Child worldspace is a small location in the game that is planted into a worldspace with LOD. The child worldspace replaces the attached cells of the parent worldspace and uses the parent worldspace for LOD past the attached cells. For example the inside of cities like Solitude, Riften, Whiterun, Windhlem are child worldspaces.

This means LOD for those four cities is part of Tamriel.


From DynDOLOD_TexGen.html


With TexGen.exe most but not all LOD textures can be generated from the full textures in the current load order.


This is a bit experimental and doesn't work for town LOD textures. Having a look at the LOD textures like textures\lod\wrbuildingslod01.dds for town buildings and comparing them to tileable landscape textures makes it clear. The town LOD textures are rendered from the full models and not a simple derivative of a full texture. They were then processed with an image program to create the final LOD textures.


Mods modifying the full source textures of those building should ship with their own version of the LOD source textures or at least an updated version of the vanilla LOD atlas texture. In the last case split the atlas texture back to the distinct LOD textures manually.

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