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Reduce a 50mb savegame - [SOLVED]




my first skyrim savegame, with nearly 200h playtime has a size of 50mb. I think this couses stuttering from time to time, the fps is great.

New Character, savegame filesize round about 5mb and there is no problem.


I already looked in google for this problem, but found nothing.

I tried the pcb command and waited 30 days, to reset all cells, but this only give 1mb free.


I think, its my fault, wrong modding in the first days and wrong uninstall etc.


My question is: Is there a way to reduce the filesize, so thees stottering stops. Or can i edit the savefile, look what mods the savefile expects and delet them.


I started a new character, and it makes a lot of tun, but 200h....dont wanna loose this :)


//when the threat is wrong here, plz put in to the troubleshooting area, but its not realy step related, so i opened it here...

//As you already noticed, english is not my native language ;)

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Try this:



I was able to reduce my savegame from 25MB to 17MB.


Also, are you using Sounds of Skyrim? Some poorly designed mods bloat your savegame.

this is what ive already tried, but i did it aggain and it didnt helped...

Soundmod is installed, but its also in the new savegame which is a lot smaller (5mb).


And i dont know how big the Papyrus.0 usually is, mine is 3gb big...none of my editors can open it :)

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I think the bloat stays. Every mod you install is recorded forever in your save game. So if put and take out lots of mods, there will be one point it blows up and will not be even playable.

I think you are still ok cause you save is still working, with no CTDs and all of this (I'll assume that).

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