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Missing texture - [SOLVED]



hi, I just installed skyrim yesterday, and I followed the STEP 2.2.0a guide.. I think I installed all the mods (excluding the 'not recommended' ones) in the given order correctly, but when I started playing, I noticed that some texture(s) is/are missing.


the first one happened a while after customizing your character gender and appearance, where a dragon appeared, I ran into a tower, moved up the stairs, the dragon blew the wall and spewed fire. after that, some parts on the floor became purple (which should mean missing texture, based on what I've read up).


the next one happened when I started using fire spell. whenever I use fire spell to hit walls or land, that purple texture would appear where my spell hit.


so I guess I'm missing some textures related to burns? can anyone help me to fix this? which mod(s) should I re-install/disable? (if possible I don't want to re-install everything from scratch)




edit: here's a screenshot

[spoiler=screenshot]Posted Image


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