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VRAM - How do you not run out?



Howdy. I'm not sure how ya'll do it.  I have 1GB of VRAM on a native 2560x1600 monitor.  If I start a new game with STEP through 2.E "Interface", my VRAM shoots to 1021MB instantly.  If I drop the resolution down to 1920x1200, it is at 890MB.  Pretty much anything I add after that sends it to 1021MB.  How do the 1GB folk not run out of memory?


I've installed all the Core modules and started at 1920x1200, 60FPS mostly unless I spin around then it dips into the 40s, sometimes it'll hiccup as it's swapping textures.  Usually not.


Sometimes I get red/green triangles flashing all crazy if I face a certain direction but goes away if I reload the game.  Not sure what that's about; I'll probably try to capture a picture or video at some point.

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