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At night light is still shining from windows indoors



I've been doing an install of SRLE, after an absence of about a year. Things are going well (I've made it to the end of the new characters section), and I go in to test the game as I'm doing each section.


I usually start in whiterun, and have noticed that when I go into Dragonsreach at night, it's still quite light indoors, with sunlight shining into the windows. It's not the case with all indoors , but it's true of Jorvasskr as well.


anyone run into this problem, and is it actually a problem? I've checked all the lighting mods, and I'm fairly certain I've installed them correctly!


I figure this isn't something that needs the entire mod list installed to fix, as all lighting mods and patches have been installed.


Can anyone help out, please? I LOVE the immersion in this mod list, but this sort of hurts it for me

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