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SKSE not working



SKSE has appeared to have stopped working all together. It started yesterday 15 Nov.


I am using MO and had downloaded a number of mods, installed them but had not activated them. Tried to launch skyrim via the skse button in MO a small loader window pops up and states "A component of the Skyrim Script Extender has stopped working". It doesn't even start the game. This was working flawlessly the night before.

I have since:

- activated the mods

- deactivated the mods

- uninstalled the mods

- deactivated ALL my mods save vanilla

- restarted steam

- restarted my computer

- installed new nvida drivers

- reinstalled skse 2-3 times as per Gopher's guide and S.T.E.P.'s

- deleted/uninstalled skyrim as per the S.T.E.P. guide

- deleted/uninstalled MO 

- reinstalled skyrim fresh from steam

- reinstalled MO as per S.T.E.P. guide

- reninstalled ONLY SKSE via the S.T.E.P. guide


 and i still the the exact same message. Skyrim works fine lauching from the launcher. But in no way can I launch Skyrim with SKSE, via MO or the skse loader.

I have searched many forums and can not find answers to this issues, most can at least launch SKSE from the loader.


Can anyone shed any light on this? I am completely baffled at this point.



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Intel Watchdog timer will sometimes cause this, if it times out, which is as designed, but occasionally it is over aggressive and kills something that windows would have eventually started if given a little more time. I have uninstalled it because of that.


Fix your driver issues.

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I have done that sir, approximately 6 times in total, along with a completely fresh install of Skyrim, MO, and SKSE.

Though the Anti virus was a good call but no go. MO, skyrimlauncher, and skse_loader are all in my exceptions list.


I take it no one else is having these issues huh?

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Yes they did. I have 2 separate update dates. One on the 9th and one on the 16th. Neither on the 14/15th when Skyrim stopped working.

I was thinking about doing a system rollback. I have a restore point on the 10th and 2 on the 9th.

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