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Low res tree leaves up close




After installing all the STEP guide to the letter after 3 days of working on it, I noticed that I have low res tree leaves when I get up close, but smaller shrubs are noticeably higher quality (ones found in and around Riverwood and it's entrances). I launched Skyrim SE to see if they are actually like that but the resolution is noticeably higher in SE. Idk if it's something in Skyrim: LE's engine and whether it was updated in SE or is it some sort of bug in SFO ( I have the Regular Edition 1.91 and not version 2 or Basic Edition of 1.87 so idk if that's the issue), or if that's how the STEP guide intended the resolution to be like. Maybe it's DynDOLOD? But I guess up close it's not a LOD, it's just the textures. I'm kinda new to modding Skyrim but STEP taught me alot about it and really helped in understanding all the nooks and crannies of modding the game. 


Note that I have installed STEP Extended, that means all the non-core mods are included.


My specs are the following:


https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Thesavior2/SystemSpecs (note that every value under the GPU Model is displaced a bit lower since I added in the GPU Model that it's 4GB )


Please tell me if you need more files to be uploaded to help in this situation.


And as a bonus if you can help with another issue (but not a major issue for me) which is that some objects in the loading screen are either completely low res or some parts with high res textures and others with low res all on the same object. (Such as some statues, particulary one that I noticed with the statue holding the sun and moon in it's hands, usually with the Aedra and Daedra lore entry in the loading screen)

Thank you in advance for the help, and for the STEP creators for such a wonderful guide

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Note that I have installed STEP Extended, that means all the non-core mods are included.

Just to make sure I understand correctly, you installed all of the mods in the STEP guide? If you are installing STEP Core, you install only the mods marked with Core emblem. If you are installing STEP Extended, you should install all of them -- including all of the Core mods.

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