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Mod Organizer won't log into Nexus (tried every fix I could find)



Okay I'm out of ideas on how to fix my problem. I am experienced in how to use Mod Organizer and have modded Skyrim, Fallout ect... for a long time and have not encountered a problem I could not troubleshoot.

That said for a long time I have had the error in the top left of MO (not logged in to nexus). I tried fixing it before but I have been able to download mods through the nexus mod links anyway. MO would pop up with a not logged in message, after I tried downloading a mod a second time it would allow me to download it into MO download directory, until recently. It has now stopped working and I can't download anything. I get the "login failed, try again message" . I also get "failed to request file info from nexus bla bla bla :server replied: temporarily unavailable. This is across all my MO profiles, not just Skyrim.


I know this is a password issue but can't fix it

I have tried


  • Making sure password and username under MO nexus tab is set properly (Its correct for sure. Can login onto nexus.com just fine.)
  • Have changed password of both Nexus site and MO accordingly (didn't help)
  • Associate with "download with manager" links  in MO has been selected
  • Have followed Forum in Step titled " Google Chrome Can't Download from Skyrim Nexus using MO"  Link https://forum.step-project.com/topic/4736-google-chrome-cant-download-from-skyrim-nexus-using-mo/ . None of the solutions fixed my problem, Firefox pointing toward NXM handler didn't work either.
  • I have Nexus Mod Manager updated to latest version (0  .63 .4). MO does not recognize this. I typed version number in manually under workarounds in MO. It did Nada
  • I have right clicked left field of MO to check all mods for updates, hoping it would refresh MO to login to nexus. It didn't work gave me login failed error.
  • I click MO globe to see if that works. It brought me straight to Skyrim Nexus, logged in as well
  • Checked NXM handler and Skyrim is pointed to MO for skyrim and registered active.
  • I have not reinstalled MO for any of my games because I have many mods installed. I doubt it would fix the issue anyway.

I'm stumped I need help from anyone willing. Maybe I have not tried something that the community can point out. Thank you

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I have never really used MO to download mods.  I have always used the manual method using my browser with downloads going directly into the MO downloads folder.  MO will recognized the downloads immediately.  That being said even that method has been flaky since Skyrim SE has been released.  It takes several tries using Firefox to download a mod and it is hit or miss.  If you truly have a problem then right now is as bad a time to try and fix it.  I cannot even use MO to check for updates right now, which is the only time I use MO to connect, everything else I use a browser for. 

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There two distinct and separate issues here:

  1. MO's message in the titlebar
  2. Inability to download from Nexus

Issue 1 isn't an issue at all and the simple fix is detailed in the MO wiki as one of the questions in the FAQ section, about the 18th question.

Issue 2 is entirely the demesne of Nexus and nothing you do on your end will fix that, just wait until the hype around Skyrim SE has settled down.

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I have same issue:


18:57:21 [D] login failed: Error downloading https://nmm.nexusmods.com/skyrim/Sessions/?Validate - server replied: Service Temporarily Unavailable
18:57:21 [W] QCoreApplication::postEvent: Unexpected null receiver


Asks me to log into MO each time across all profiles.

We just have to wait until Nexus sorts it on their end then?

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