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How to disable the MO spash screen?




I'm using Tridef in order to play Skyrim in 3D. Until now I was using NMM but decided to try and move to MO. However I have a problem with the splash screen MO show when launching the game. Tridef says "This game did not use Direct3D 9, 10 or 11".


The way I understand it Tridef expects the output to start as Direct3D but because MO inserts it's splash at the start this is not the case. So the 3D driver assumes that the game is not compatible.


I tried to find a setting or something that will allow me to turn off the splash screen, but could not. Note that I don't simply need to remove the splash image, I need to turn off the attempt MO makes to output it. Or some other way of preserving the output of the game to be Direct3D from the start.


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I made a shortcut to SKSE on the Desktop using the MO shortcut button. When I start it there is a big text "Mod Organizer" shown in white on the screen for less than a second and then the game starts. 

When this happens the Tridef interface shows that error that the game is not using Direct3D. 



However the problem might not be the splash screen. A similar injector - vorpX has othe problems with MO and the author says it is because "the program (MO) messes with DLL search paths, but that’s just speculation. " ( https://www.vorpx.com/forums/topic/vorpx-and-mod-manager/page/2/#post-111878 )

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