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New Support Forum - DynDOLOD


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This is quick announcement for a new support forum: Sheson's DynDOLOD Support.


This new forum came from the need to better support Sheson's massive, single topic for DynDOLOD. It was approaching 5,000 posts and putting stress on the forum software. After some short discussion with Sheson, we agreed (finally talked him into it is more like it... :whistling: ) to provide a dedicated support forum. (Lots of love, Sheson! I'll get you a pie! ::D: ) As such, the old topic has been separated out into a few different topics based around versions of the mod under the new forum and the main support topic moved to this forum, as well. This should make those topics a bit easier to search.


This support forum is for everything DynDOLOD. Sheson runs the show as a moderator of the forum and staff will only step in for maintenance/moderation tasks when needed. Users can now open their own topics for support instead of posting your issues/questions to a single topic. Please be sure to use the "Best Answer" feature when your questions are answered. Before posting users should search the forum for previously answered support questions!


That's it! Enjoy the new support forum and give Sheson some love...or pie.

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