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Load crash on SRLE Extended

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I've been running SRLE:Extended since around feb/march with the odd glitch here and there, mainly due to my modding inexperience, but on the whole I'm able to play the game and have racked up many hours.


My problem is that since I ventured into Falskaar I have been having serious trouble with my saves. If this is related to Falskaar I'm unsure.


Basically I can save a game and it simply will not reload from the main title screen and will just CTD after a minute or so. However I have other saves from within 5-10 minutes game play that will load. It seems totally random which saves will work and which ones will not.


I used the console to return to Whiterun, thinking its a glitch in Falskaar somehow, but the problem still persists. I have tried using Safety Load and this has not helped and I also have used Save Cleaner but this tool will not even load my bad saves and simply crashes.


Hoping someone can help or point me in the right direction as it's kinda making the game unplayable and I'd be gutted to lose a character I have invested 100's of hours in.


Thanks in advance for any help.


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Unfortunately the only older saves I still have are from around a month back (I was trying out save cleaner so I made backups), I usually have 10 active saves but they are all in Falskaar.

I plan to try loading those old saves I mentioned and see if the problem persists but I was hoping to not lose a months worth of play.

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and do all these saves you have in Falskaar Crash?


I also take it since you are using the older SRLE Extended that you do actually have crash fixes installed?

Hi, thanks for replying :)


The bad saves seem to be totally random but started in Falskaar and continued after I used the console to return to Whiterun. Some saves work whilst others do not.

I installed back in January....I don't recall crash fixes being part of the guide but I'm happy to take your advice and give it a bash.


On another note, I managed to use a restore point and found some saves from before I went to Falskaar and they load up just fine....pretty relieved I can at least continue my game from here but I wonder how I can prevent this happening again?

Hi reddvilzz, that seems a pretty handy mod which I will certainly try out. Thanks buddy.

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