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Skyrim Revisited (Neovalen) - Replacing Immersive Armors w/ Book of UUNP

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Hello there,


I'm around 20 hours into my current gameplay, and just for testing I used console cheats to pump the Smithing skill (so I can see what armors are added by Immersive Armors). Thing is, I don't like or don't care for 99% of it. I've also noticed weird artifacts with some NPCs wearing certain pieces of armor, causing "floating" pieces of armor to follow them around. I suspect this is caused by some meshes from Remodeled Armor.


I'm going to redo my SRLE build, and this time I'm skipping out of Immersive Armors and most of my current armor mods, opting for The Book of UUNP instead. AFAIK though, the base SRLE build involves the Conflict Resolution patch at the end, and that patch includes the esp from Immersive Armors as a master. I *think* there were some other patches as well to get other mods to play well with Immersive Armors.


I intend to redo the conflict resolution patch manually, following the given instructions, except obviously skipping the bits that involve Immersive Armors. Is this "safe" to do? 


Also, if someone has already gone down this route, and is willing to PM me the patch, you'd save me a huge bundle of work!

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I would assume so. IIRC, the extent of what immersive armors effects is limited to items, keyword names, and some guard dialog references (when they talk about the armor you're wearing). Removing it shouldn't introduce any cascading errors.


However, if you want to remove Immersive Armors from the CR, you might not have to rebuild from the ground up. Since the references to IA in the CR are only item references (I think) and not anything crazy, there's a cheap and dirty method that'll take less time. This is at your own risk, but what I normally do in this scenario is get a blank .esp file and rename it Immersive Armors.esp, then open up TES5Edit. Any record in teh CR that is related to IA should now have an error in it, so all you have to do is right click > check for errors, and then for each record it returns you either delete it (if the only difference between the CR and the runner up are the errors, i.e. everything has a green background except for the errors) or delete/replace with the default records the individual errors (if there are other changes in the CR, i.e. non-error records with yellow backgrounds).


For safety purposes though, I'd just go from the ground up.

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