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Error merging the RDO patches



After the recent update to USLEEP, I am getting an error when I merge the RDO Patches :


[00:10] Checking for Errors in [6C] RDO - Cutting Room Floor Patch.esp

[00:10] [iNFO:0002129C] ('Mind you don't cross Tasius. He's in charge around here.' in GRUP Topic Children of [DIAL:0002124F])

[00:10] INFO \ Conditions \ Condition \ CTDA - \ Reference -> [06000D62] < Error: Could not be resolved >


Has anyone else noticed this ?

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I was in error when I stated that the merging problem was related to the USLEEP update. Instead I think it is with the update to Cutting Room floor. I was able to do a merge after I altered the RDO - Cutting Room Floor Patches.esp as follows :


Dialog Topic


0002124F 0002129C (Mind you Don’t Cross Tasius. He’s in Charge around Here.)

  • Copy the Conditions information from Cutting Room Floor.esp to RDO - Cutting Room Floor Patches.esp.
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