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  1. I am trying the build a bashed patch for Skyrim (classic version)using Wrye Bash from within MO. I am getting the following error at the end of the Rebuild Patch : Traceback (most recent call last): File "bash\balt.pyo", line 2435, in __Execute File "bash\balt.pyo", line 1563, in _conversation_wrapper File "bash\basher\mod_links.pyo", line 874, in Execute File "bash\basher\__init__.pyo", line 3949, in SaveSettings File "bash\bolt.pyo", line 1539, in save File "bash\bolt.pyo", line 1486, in save File "bash\bolt.pyo", line 973, in untemp File "bash\bolt.pyo", line 886, in remove WindowsError: [Error 5] Access is denied: u'C:\\Users\\Dave\\Documents\\My Games\\Skyrim\\BashSettings.dat.bak' Until the error is displayed, I looks like the process is working (Bashed Patch, 0.esp and html file created). I have tried re-installing Wrye Bash. When I delete the BashSettings.dat and BashSettings.dat.bak files I still get an error (and the BashSetting files are not re-created). I have made bashed patches successfully many times in the past. It very well may be a Windows 10 problem. If you can give any help it would be appreciated.
  2. I am trying to incorporate the “SkyTEST Less Fear Patch†into my load order but I have found an error that I need help with : Spell 09039BB5 _AB_Animal_Pred_Dem_WolfFears Condition CTDA Keyword [02000D7E] < Error: Could not be resolved > ( this is an override for NoFearOfFireSkyTEST ) Other than the DLCs and SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators, are there additional requirements for this patch?
  3. When I posted the problem I assume I had a problem with the Dragonborn DLC. When I got a fresh copy of the game from Steam and still had the same problem I knew that was not the case. Here are the steps I did to understand and correct the problem I found. I used my backup to recover a copy of the game from late December 2016. TES5edit > “Check for Errors†on the Bashed Patched show no errors. I compare the Bashed Patch files 2016 vs 2017 and found the number of mods merged had increased. I had not change that much between builds so that seemed strange, I realized I did update to Wrye Bash 307b from 306b between builds. Upgrading Wrye Bash to version 307b on the 2016 game produced the same errors in the Bashed patch. What remained was to discover what changed when using Wrye Bash 307b. My problems stemmed from two of the files that were merged in the 307b version that were not in 306b, "AshRosck.esp" and "SulfurRocks.espâ€. Deselecting these two files from the â€Merge Patches†pane of 307b created an error free Bashed Patch. Reporting this to the Wrye Bash people is not possible because they do not answer anything which uses Mod Organizer. PS This should have beed posted the the Wrye Bash area as it is not a DLC problem as I originally thought.
  4. After creating a bash patch I used TE5EDIT to do a check for errors. I received a number of errors pointing to the Dragonborn DLC. I have never done a check for errors on a bash patch before and am surprised to see any errors. Is this as it should be?
  5. Since One of my requirements was to maintain a fps of 50 I have only used a subset of this to setup my game. While I have not used the whole guide I have a couple of observations. • Fences of Skyrim - No more flickering fences - Following the instructions I installed first the optional and then the miscellaneous files in separate mods. The lightning bolt symbol came up for the optional file. I think you only need the miscellaneous to get fences for farmhouses. • While performing the Animals Merge I received errors for ESPs “Skytest Immersive Creature†and “Skytest Creature Extensionâ€. When I was installing “SkyTEST - Realistic Animal and Predatorsâ€, I choose to install the optional “SkyTEST - No Spawns (Domestic version)â€. This resulted in a alternative ESM to be installed. When I disabled the No Spawns version, the ESM from “SkyTEST - Realistic Animals and Predators v1_56_03†became active and the merge run without a problem. Thanks to all who have maintained this guide. I appreciate the time you have given to keep this project going.
  6. I was in error when I stated that the merging problem was related to the USLEEP update. Instead I think it is with the update to Cutting Room floor. I was able to do a merge after I altered the RDO - Cutting Room Floor Patches.esp as follows : Dialog Topic 0002124F 0002129C (Mind you Don’t Cross Tasius. He’s in Charge around Here.) Copy the Conditions information from Cutting Room Floor.esp to RDO - Cutting Room Floor Patches.esp.
  7. After the recent update to USLEEP, I am getting an error when I merge the RDO Patches : [00:10] Checking for Errors in [6C] RDO - Cutting Room Floor Patch.esp [00:10] [iNFO:0002129C] ('Mind you don't cross Tasius. He's in charge around here.' in GRUP Topic Children of [DIAL:0002124F]) [00:10] INFO \ Conditions \ Condition \ CTDA - \ Reference -> [06000D62] < Error: Could not be resolved > Has anyone else noticed this ?
  8. I use this same setup also for males. I am very happy with this solution. As an aside, I am very surprised ( and a little disappointed ) that SoS is part of STEP.
  9. When I download and install the DynDOLOD Resources file version 2.18, Mod Organizer indicates that it is version 2.15. Is this what everyone else is seeing?
  10. I am curious to know if people are running iNeed with Dangerous Diseases enabled in the SRLE build. As far a I know, you can not make the potions to cure these diseases. If I cannot afford to have a priest cure me and and/or I cannot buy the potion I need from any vendor, I eventually just die. I have bypassed the disease by toggling iNeed on/off, but that seems kinda stupid. Is there an in game way of curing a disease that I am missing?
  11. i am having issues with my character getting stuck in a sprinting animation. This is only trigger in a combat situation (but not every time). I asked about this in another thread but got no response. I found the source of my issue so I am writing here. I was convinced it was one of the mods in the 11.25 section of SRLE - Extended, Combat and Traps. Initially I thought it was an incompatibilty between one of the Ordinator perks and another mod. In one of my tests it happened almost at the start of the game with no perks taken. The only solution has been to go back to an earlier save. Not fun for me. In the end it turns out to be a known bug in Duel 8.1 : I trigger this bug frequently. I always play as a non magic casting warrior which probably adds to the probability. i.e. I have never made it out of Dustman’s Cairn without triggering this bug. Hope this helps someone.
  12. I am having with entering a uber fast running state in combat that I am unable to terminate. I believe it is somehow the combination of mods in the 11.25 section, Combat and Traps. I have used Ordinator before along with Combat Evolved without this problem. This is what I have observed so far : ​did not happened until my player hit level 10+I am fairly certain that is as something to do with the Ordinator perk in the Blocking tree : Quick Reflexesit is triggered , but not always, when a Quick Reflex situation gets trigger plus some magic happens at a the same time (i.e. flame cloaked or frost cloak enemy, an enemy spams a bunch of spiders)saving and restarting, sitting down, getting on a horse, entering a sleep cycle does not end the problem Has anyone else observed this and/or have a solution?
  13. Removing Ruffled Feather's Moss Rocks fixed this for me.
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