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For those of you using Falskaar, Immersive Weapons, RND...



STEP instructions always say "NONE" for those sorts of mods.  However, I want to add these in.  

Do you go by STEP STRICTLY, then go back and change it?  Or do you bypass that particular bit of STEP and go ahead and choose Falskaar, IW, or other mods you want to add, but not on STEP specifically?  

Reason I ask, is that I deviated enough, where I needed to add not only Fal, IW, RND & Moonquest, and after I did (I added Alternative Start to test current stability), that I'm crashing right at the start screen.  Everything is cleaned, everything is TESvEdit'ed, everything is LOOT'ed.  NOTHING is wrye bashed.  


I tried testing after going all the way through 2-H Creatures, plus Falskaar+.  


How do you work the extra mods when asked about them?  Did I already screw something up?

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I went through normal troubleshooting, and ended up unchecking ALL the mods, and it STILL CTD before the Beth logo.  Must be something a bit bigger than that.  

I've updated my Graphics card, nVidia 372.90, did NOT optimize since nothing about it on STEP, and will try again.  I kept all the downloads, so should go faster.  I'll try to upload everything I need as I go, including ASLAL, so I can test every step of the way.

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I think it's generally best to install STEP Core or STEP Extended exactly as in the guide first and test judiciously after completing each section to verify you have everything is working and stable. After you complete the guide, copy your STEP profile to a new profile and add the mods you want in the new profile. This way you can always have a known working profile you can fall back on if something goes wrong.


Note that when you copy the STEP profile to a new profile, you should deactivate any generated "mods" (like the bashed patch, FNIS generated output, and DynDOLOD output) and generate these fresh with new mod names. I usually name these something like STEP Bashed Patch, STEP FNIS Output, STEP LOD Textures, and STEP DynDoLOD Output in the STEP profile and Extra FNIS Output, Extra LOD Textures, and Extra DynDOLOD Output in the new profile. You can use whatever names you want, of course... just make it easy to identify which ones go with which profile.

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