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Question about copying and renaming files

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So after much trouble with NMM I finally made the switch to Mod Organizer. It is going very well and I like it much more than NMM.


So I am doing a SR:LE install and have hit a bump. After installing "Stunning Statues of Skyrim" there are these special instructions:


Special Installation: After installation, copy and rename the following files as indicated:

  • meshes/architecture/winterhold/magestatue.nif -> meshes/prometheus/architecture/statuessnow/magestatuesnow.nif
  • meshes/clutter/Mehrunes/shrinemehrunes01.nif -> meshes/prometheus/architecture/statuessnow/mehrunesdagonsnow.nif
  • meshes/clutter/statues/malacathstatue01.nif -> meshes/prometheus/architecture/statuessnow/malacathstatuesnow.nif
  • meshes/clutter/statues/shrineofazura01.nif -> meshes/prometheus/architecture/statuessnow/azurastatuesnow.nif
  • meshes/clutter/statues/statuedibella.nif -> meshes/prometheus/architecture/statuessnow/statuedibellasnow.nif
  • meshes/clutter/statues/statueofmeridia01.nif -> meshes/prometheus/architecture/statuessnow/statueofmeridiasnow.nif


I don't know how to do this when using Mod Organizer. I know my way around the Skyrim Data folder like the back of my hand, but can't find any way to do this when using MO.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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If you open the 'Information' dialogue for any mod in MO's left pane and then open the 'Filetree' tab, all the files are shown in the same structure as found in the "Data" folder. From there you can invoke the context menu, with right-click, and rename them from there.


Be sure to read through the MO manual either via MO's help menu or simply navigating to it from your browser.

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