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Extreme Light Pop-in



I've follow the STEP guide 100%, and just finished - everything is working stable no crashes (so far) - however there seems to be a huge problem with lights popping in.

I know some is just the engine and limitations but some situations cannot be right.


Check these screenshots - you can see I'm close up, move a few steps and all the lights come on..it looks very odd and unplayable in game. Is this normal or mod / settings related?





Kind of hard to tell from screenshots, but the lights go from off to on and it's VERY abrasive in game with Imaginator/Lighting mods etc. It's as if ALL the light sources are turned off..and the lightboxes all turn on when I move 1 step.


(Removing ELFX fixes the issue so it's something with my ELFX installatoin)

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ELFX pushes the light count to pretty much the max.

There was a discussion somewhere around step that talked about the specifics but it will go over most people's heads.

Do not use RS with ELFX as it will double some lights making the issue even more noticeable.


Make sure most of the meshes from ELFX overwrite other mods. Not all the meshes are required but to get as close to a flicker free experience as possible its best to use them.


EDIT: found the link on the details

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