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UNPB - I don't like it. Safe to use UUNP Special instead?



I'm in the middle of an SRLE install right now. I scrolled down and saw that UNPB is installed later.


I'm curious if skipping it and all the associated UNPB armor mods is "safe". I intend to use UUNP Special (with HDT and collisions) and UUNP Bodyslide armors instead. I also struggle to see how skipping some body mods is going to cause problems for other non-body mods.


Is UNPB required at all?

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you can switch it to UUNP easy. No problems.

Hey there,


Thanks for answering. I'm looking for some clarification on what is "easy".


I know at the end I install a conflict resolution patch. From the looks of the guide, there are probably thousands of fixes in the patch. Does anything in that patch need UNPB?

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there is nothing is the Conflict Resolution about UNPB body.

You need to remove:

UNP Blessed body redux

All UNP armor conversions

UNP Dawnguard Armors

UNP Dragonborn Armors

UNP Female Armors

TroubleMakers Clothing

TroubleMakers Forsworn Armor

Lore Friendly and SemiSkimpy Armors - UNPB-BBP

and install conversions for UUNP. I used:






https://www.nexusmods...im/mods/70100/?  for immersive armors


also you need BodySlide and do a batch for the preset you choose

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