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Moved MO to windows 10 no MOD work



So I recently got a new computer with windows 10, I was working from windows 8.1 on my old system. I saved MO and moved the whole thing to the new system, everything seems fine until I try to load a game (or start a new game) then it tells me I'm missing all the mods including the basic Skyrim and all the DLCs. I'm pretty sure this has something to do with the profile system but I don't know what. Everything is checked in MO but once it starts it's like it ignores everything. Any advice would be much appreciated.


Just to be clear I installed everything not included in MO like SKSE and the DLL for the ENB I use.

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Sure it's actually very simple and was more likely an error on my part. I moved the installed MO back to its storage disk, deleted everything related to it on the computer and then reinstalled MO fresh, let it set up and then started a totally new game just to make sure it worked, it did and it created a new default profile that was completely clean with no mods. After that I copied all the files from inside the Mod folder, download folder and the profile folder into their respective folders in the newly installed MO. It recognized them all after that and all my old saves and settings work fine. I hope that's helpful.

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