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SR conflict resolution.esp issue





I have an issue with the SR conflict resolution.esp, the fact is i don't want to install all SR:LE mods, but it come me to this issue : 





There is a way to modify the SR conflict resolution.esp and remove the need of these master files ? 


Sorry for my bad english it's not my native language, i hope someone can help me. 


Have a good day. 


P:S : i have already try to delete the entries with TESVedit but it doesn't remove the need of the master files. 

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there is a way. You either make the full CR yourself or use this method to remove dependancies


Wyre Bash Create Dummies (Uses this method if you do not have the esp plugin downloaded)

Use this method to create dummies of plugins you wish to remove from the premade Conflcit Resolution.

  1. Load Wrye Bash click on the CR and select File->Create dummy esps (this will create fake esps for what you are missing and place them into the overwrite folder).
  2. Load TES5edit with only SRLE Extended LOTD - Conflict Resolution.esp Selected wait until backgound loader has finished.
  3. Right click on SRLE Extended LOTD - Conflict Resolution.esp and check for errors.
  4. Remove the records that are broken from SRLE Extended LOTD - Conflict Resolution.esp (they will show after checking for errors).
  5. Save and Exit.
  6. Load SRLE Extended LOTD - Conflict Resolution.esp again in TES5Edit and then clean masters once done save and exit.
  7. Remove Fake plugins fron the overwrite folder.
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