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  1. Hi, I would just ask if disable/undo disparity settings during the game (i'm currently lvl 4) is a bad idea ? i mean, it will broke my game ? You probably want to ask "why ?", it's because i selected "warrior" presets in disparity but i didn't thinking the malus on leveling others skills would be so high. For example, i'm level 5 in destruction due to disparity settings, and killing 30 ennemies with fire spell don't even gave me one level in destruction. However i want to make a ... polyvalent character. (Begin with sword and shield, then try magic, sneak etc.) And i wanted to ask you what do you think of this before take any action. On the other hand, difficulty on my game seems.. mhh, specific. For example in the first main questline dungeon, the moment when we need to fight against a big spider (with a guy behind, in spider's web), i just came, i was lvl 1, difficulty expert, with the wildcat option "let wildcat manage difficulty", and the spider did me a few damage. Maybe because i wearing a steel plate armor ? But I was just standing in front of her and her blows did me very little damage, of the order of 5-6% when I inflicted the triple. However I noticed that the gap had fallen between the time I was level 2 and level 4, nevertheless I have not yet encountered great difficulty, is this normal? Thank you again for this awesome guide, and i'm sorry for my bad english, the good fact is i'm playing the game in english with subtitiles and it's a very good way to learn english :p
  2. Thank you very much for your answer. I will keep playing while using F9 so :p
  3. Thank you very much for your detailed answer. I understand better, the fact is for me, exit and restart break my pleasure to play. I was thinking about a alternative death mod to counter the issues caused by reload save, i tested death alternative but i found it very buggy. I just can't continue to play with having to restart the game every 10-15 minutes because i died, it's just so boring :/.
  4. Hi, Just a little question, do we absolutly need to restart game each time we died ? i mean, i remember in the first guide it's write that if we died we need to restart completly the game because if we use F9 it will accumulate scripts and provoc bugs.
  5. Thank you :), i went in witherun and some others towns and it's so beautiful
  6. Thank you very much for your answer. I took directly as you say the enb files and erase those existing in skyrim root folder. Now it looks like this : Can you confirm me that the game should look like this with following SRLE extended guide ?
  7. Hi, Firstly thank you for your awesome guide, I followed the guide with the 26 june 2017 version of it but i'm now facing an issue. My game is very very dark. I took screenshots to show you the rendering : First screen : Very dark, it's like this after i followed all the steps of the guide. Second screen : same setup with a high view (tcl) Then i decided to take a look about the ENB hud : Third screen : I was dubious because all options were uncheck, only "use effect" was tick, i decided to see what it look like without the "use effect" and it gave this third screen. Now with more options checked it look like this : So i don't know how to do and what i did wrong, i reinstalled vividian ENB (in mo and in enb organizer) check the enbseries which look like the file i attached. enbseries.ini
  8. Oshika

    Is my game "normal" ?

    Thank you for your answers, i use Neo's SRLE only. Seems hard to modify, i will stay with green and coloforfull grass i think
  9. Oshika

    ASIS issue

    No problem, i have solved the issue, i uninstall the unofficial patch then i install the manual version with MO and now it works perfectly !
  10. Oshika

    ASIS issue

    I finally found the issue. After a lot of hours of research, i finally found.. The problem was the French version of the unofficial patch. I tried the English version and it worked , it probably comes from the fact that the French version is an .exe that installs files directly in the data , I have now taken the manual version .rar and i think i'm close to solving this issue.
  11. Oshika

    ASIS issue

    Hello, i have an issue with ASIS. I know what i have this issue but i don't found how to resolve it. The fact is i have translated or download translated version of the mods of all the SRLE guide. Now we come to ASIS, six months back , I had already performed the installation of SRLE and had the same problems with ASIS . In my game, I can not talk to a lot of the NPCs ( at least 20-30%) when I go talk to them there is nothing that appears, and even if I press the button interaction (E) there is nothing going on . During this last installation I had found the issue, it was to simply modified the .ini file of asis and change the " language" by my own language : I repatch my game and it had worked . I proceeded in exactly the same way here , start a new game, I removed and redone all the overwrite folder ( Wrye bash , skyproc , loot ... ) And I still have the problem, I am quite desperate because it's been at least 8 solid hours I try to solve it . That's why I 'm asking for help hoping that someone knows why this Asis causes this on my game.
  12. Thank you for your answer, Ordinator is very interesting thanks for the tips, Did I ask you what you would use as combat mod and gameplay mod overhaul ? (Like sperg, skyre, requiem) i just want a better experience and the most realistic but i admit i don't know what can i choose between all these gameplay mods.. You use only wildcat instead of ultimate combat and deadly combat (+ eventually combat evolved) ?
  13. I search to change the combat gameplay for the moment i would know if these mods can be conflictual : Revenge of the ennemies, Sperg ultimate combat combat evolved deadly combat duel combat realism with sr le ? (i will not probably install all because i don't have make my choice between ultimate combat/combat evolved/deadly combat/duel combat realism)
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