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SRLE: Newbie Crash Fixes Question

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Hello all, 

I'm new to gaming and modding, but I wanted to try and improve the visuals of Skyrim and this seems like a good way to do that. I've been following the Guide dated 25 August 2016, but I've run into a problem.


Installing Crash Fixes, the guide calls for v11. I could only find v12, so I installed that. The special instructions says "After installation, open SKSE/Plugins/CrashFixPlugin.ini in a text editor and make the following changes:"


Only problem, I don't have that ini file. I don't even have an SKSE folder!  I installed SKSE per the instructions.  Any idea what I've done wrong or is it the difference in version numbers?





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Well, after I finished installing Wiseman303s Critter Fixes I tried running Skyrim and got a CTD. Same result with the Vanilla profile.  I have no idea what may have caused this. Now that I have a little better understanding of what is going on with some of the tools. I'm going to reformat my drive and start again.

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