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  1. OK, That makes sense. So we are only getting the looks and not the actual FX which is being provided by another mod? Correct?
  2. I'm trying to learn the reasons why certain things are done when modding the game and this is a situation where I haven't been successful in finding an answer yet. Why are the plugins for certain mods disabled - moved to "Optional ESPs" in MO2? Enhanced Lights and FX being a prime example. How does one know when this can be safely done? Is it just trial and error or is there something about the mod contents that gives a hint? Thanks.
  3. I'm just curious as to why the mod group seperators begin with "02" and not "01". Was something removed and the numbering not updated?
  4. Following a clean re-install of Skyrim AE, I've been reinstalling the Step Guide and had intended to include everything. Because of this I have installed the ENB options in all the steps prior to Post Processing. Now I'm not so sure I want to install/run an ENB with this build. Is it safe to jump to Step 05 or do I need to remove and reinstall the mods with the Post Processing (blue) flag? I am getting between 91-115 FPS in Riften with my new 144 Hz monitor.
  5. On the SSE Display Tweaks nexus page under Optional Files it says Since my monitor is only 60 Hz and doesn't have g-sync, should I *not* install this part of the mod?
  6. OK. it is a 60 Hz monitor. I'll look for the instructions.
  7. I'm not sure if my monitor is 144 Hz or not. How would I check? I don't remember the guide saying anything about different monitor refresh rates. I'll take a look at the instructions as you suggest.
  8. I'm getting consistant FPS between 136 and 141 FPS (mostly 141 FPS) after setting BethINI to Ultra and enabling LOD. At this point I'm not sure what to do to get my FPS down to the recommended 90-100 range. At the main screen the FPS stays around 59-60. Also, when the screen changes from the opening screen to Breezehome I get an "VM Overstressed" message that flashes below the FPS counter in the Display Tweaks OSC. This also happens when I use the console to change locations. I'm completely lost as to how to fix these.
  9. I tried running DynDOLOD again and it completed successfully.
  10. I tried running DynDOLOD again and it completed successfully.
  11. I'm reposting this here as suggested in my OP on the SSE Guide Forum. I'm retruning back to playing Skyrim after a couple of years absence. I've purchased the AE upgrade and began following the guide. I chose not to use the post-processing option during this build. While running DynDOLOD this message appeared on the screen. I don't believe this is a DynDOLOD problem, but I can't figure out what I need to do to resolve the issue. Skyrim.esm isn't a master that needs to be cleaned is it? I don't remember reading that it was. The link in the image goes to a local html file. I'm not sure how to share that here. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. https://imgur.com/Yb5JH6E https://imgur.com/J747VAi
  12. Yes, but I didn't understand what it was telling me. It was late last night so I'll look again and post as @z929669 suggests in his post.
  13. That was my old system. Thanks for your reply, I have my new system info now.
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