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Massive FPS Loss in Blackreach City



Hi, I'm experiencing a staggering FPS loss when in, near, or looking at the City area of Blackreach. This is the area with the giant ball chandelier and various buildings to enter. The best way to explain what's happening is to show it.


Here I am standing at the bottom of the staircase in front of Blackreach City. All four screenshots are taken from the exact same spot.


Looking at the city


Looking away from the city


Some more bizarre screenshots. It seems there is a certain "threshold" in the cell. Once my camera crosses that threshold, I immediately lose ~30 FPS. These two screenshots were taken from the same spot, and I slightly panned the camera left. I lost 30 FPS.


Looking forward, 60 FPS


Looking in nearly the same spot, slightly to the left


What could cause this sort of threshold of framerate loss to appear? I am at a loss. Pun intended. Thanks for any help that can be provided.


Edit: I should add that the ENB does not seem to have any affect. Turning it off still results in the same FPS loss.

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