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Very weird merge plugins issue

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Hello all.


so I'm going through doing a full fresh install of SRLE ready to put the LOTDB pack on top.  I've got right down to the merge plugins section but am having a weird issue.


When trying to do the CACO patches merge i'm correctly putting the ESP's in order as per Neo's guide and selecting them and all their pre-requisites when choosing what ESP's to load in Merge plugins (I should add this is a brand new instance of Merge plugins so completely fresh profile).







However (Even though it actually logs it's master file.  The CACO_SkyrimImmersiveCreatures+DLC2_Patch.esp refuses to appear to let me merge it!






Any ideas?  I can't see anything obvious that would cause it. I've tried other merges ok (one i had the same problem but it seemed to go away when I selected less ESP's to load) another instance of merge plugins where I've actualyl merged this same ESP before etc


Anyone else seen similar?

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Thankyou all!


I did do a reinstall of Immersive Creatures but I think i figured out the issue.  I had the Skyrim Immersive Creatures - DLC2.esp  installed but, because i didn't run Loot before doing the merges (this comes after int he guide) it was above the main ESP so wasn't loading properly and therefore causing the CACO patch to fail as well.  Now I can continue finally!

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