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I started a new game, but when I get out of jail and go to the outside area of Jovarsk(Fps = 40-50) the game starts to catch and fps fell to 0-2(Very Slow). I am using the msi afterburner and he points to use 2.2GB memory ram video. Currently my specifications are i7-3770K, 8GB ram 1600 Vegeance and r9 280x 3GB. It seems that this always happens when I see some smoke. I have tried disabling the DynDoLod, but the error continues! Sorry for my bad English but has anyone had similar problem?

I forgot to say, sometimes I use 1k or 2k-1k texture instead 2k and never install 4k 

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I doubt it will do much but I would try to reinstall anyhing related to fire and smoke, i.e. realistic smoke and embers, ultimate HD fire effects, embers hd, etc. To make sure it's not something with the files. I honestly sounds like something else but I need to get ready for bed.

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