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  1. I have a bug with sky, someone can help me? https://imgur.com/a/oJ58hvV
  2. After installing everything, my skyrim crash in logo. I made download_depot and change the .exe. There is a way to know why ? Edit: There is no master missing!
  3. There is way to return my skyrim to a compatible version? I installed it today and this version is 1.5.62. And how to main the game in this version? Thanks for the helping
  4. Someone has benchmark with full guide? Like video playing some part of the game! I would to like to see performance compared with oldrim that I have installed in my computer!!
  5. Infinite load every time. Maybe something with merge script? I only click C and B two times.
  6. Now my witcher doesn't open. Before this opens sometimes, now i try several times and the witcher load infinite in task manager.
  7. Sorry, isn't possible to edit the post again, follow pics above problem https://imgur.com/a/CHPHN
  8. I Have the same problem above. I have a GTX 1080 too!
  9. How to transfer gold to follower(Sofia), i have already tried all options, but one option gold is not option to transfer and other the gold returns to my pack??!!
  10. Restart the game after a death if heavily pain because the time to start. If I load the last save before the autoload, is a good solution?
  11. Did you try?? I have a gtx 1080, and sometimes fps drops to 30 - 40. It is normal?
  12. Ok, 1.58 is after/before/ v1.57? Or leave the loot choice priority?
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