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Help! EnhancedLightandFX.esp is missing!

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Alright so, i have followed SRLE to the letter and the "replacement esp" Here:



Realistic Room Rental Enhanced

Author: perseid9
Version: 1.8.3 (Enhanced)
Optionals(Via Installer):

  • 01 RRR_ELFX Patch

Special Installation: After installation, install this replacement esp that is updated for ELFX 3.0+. Updated by StoneWallace17, additional edits by Neovalen.


Requieres the master EnhancedLightandFX.esp and nowhere in the guide do we install that esp. Any help? Please and Thank you!









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Easiest way is to Right Click on Realistic Room Rental Enhanced mod, Open in Explorer. Copy and paste the downloaded ESP to that folder, replacing the other one. Or do a backup of the original first, then copy the new one in.


EDIT: I was a bit quick maybe, I guess you refer to the EnhancedLightandFX.esp? It's done in https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Neovalen/Skyrim_Revisited_-_Legendary_Edition#Enhanced_Lights_and_FX


Unless you have EnhancedLightandFX.esp you should reinstall ELFX again, following the instructions there. Or just copy it from the archive and into the mod the same way I describe above.

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I have no idea how. But i completely missed the mod. I literally just skipped it. I must be blind.

Happens when you want it done fast. Patience is a virtue when it comes to installing mods. Sometimes it says "Do not install the following", the next meaning can tell you "Install only these...". It's easy to miss if you don't read it carefully.


And just as a suggestion, create new Categories in MO, make that as the primary category for the mod, makes it much easier to follow along. It's done in Settings, configure Mod Categories. Just right click and press Add. Type the name, exit, right click the mod, chose the new category, I keep the old one as well, then select the new one as primary.

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