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  1. Hi!, Sorry to bother anyone that is reading this. As the title says, I'm currently on the hunt for some mods that used to be in Neovalen's DropBox (I'm guessing). This include: Still looking for Project Parallax Revived (this one was actually in the nexus but is now hidden) Still looking for Farmhouse Chimneys - Thinner Mesh Parallax Patch Still looking for Spice of Life – Forts – Custom ESP Still looking for ELFX – Parallax Meshes Still looking for Vivid Landscapes - Animated Clutter Patch Still looking for SR Conflict Resolution.esp I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out. :) PD: I know there were more mods that used to be in the DropBox. I already found those, as well as some other mods that were hidden from the nexus.
  2. A quick question, if im just updating SMIM from 1.93 to 1.94 do i need to run any patches again? Like FINS, Wyre Wash, Dyndolod, SUM?
  3. I am not missing the textures tho I am installing a retexture and the game isnt reading it
  4. Edit : https://imgur.com/VodEdu5 this is the screen shot lol
  5. Alright so my vanilla Female textures are fine but when i install this mod https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/61434/? this happens: https://imgur.com/8MfXSI Here is my modlist: https://www.modwat.ch/u/SilverDragon53 And i followed the SRLE guide :) Pls Help!
  6. ScreenShots: https://imgur.com/a/rFdLv As you can see its not only the females, but also the males and my own character. Also the Modded NPCs
  7. Every NPC has a neck seam on my game. Even the Males. I am using SRLE, please help. Modlist: https://www.modwat.ch/u/SilverDragon53
  8. I noticed LOOT is telling me to clean ORM-Arvak.esp, Brows.esp, and Prometheus_No_Snow_Under_the_Roof.esp Should i do it? PS: I dont know how to edit posts PS2: Am i posting this in the right place? PS3: Nvm, it auto edits i guess...
  9. I have no idea how. But i completely missed the mod. I literally just skipped it. I must be blind.
  10. Alright so, i have followed SRLE to the letter and the "replacement esp" Here: Requieres the master EnhancedLightandFX.esp and nowhere in the guide do we install that esp. Any help? Please and Thank you!
  11. As the title says, i am reinstalling SRLE and i noticed "Crash Fixes" has a Version 10 but in the guide we still have Version 9 so i was wondering about that Also i noticed the same with 7zip. The recommeded download is a version from 2010 and i was wondering why would we be using a 2010 version instead of the newest one.
  12. So vivid weathers just got updated so i am going to use it as an example. I am following the Skyrim Revisited: Legendary Edition guide, and Neovalen recommends merging VividWeathers with another mod. Here is the question: if i download the update, will i need to merge the files again?
  13. i am following the SR: LE guide and it says to extract them. xD
  14. Okay cool, but does this mean i get a spripts folder in the data folder or a dialogue views and a source folder in the data folder?
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