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Adding Metadata to mods...

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The metadata rules are based on the exact plugin name. The way I understand it, LOOT scans the plugins and has an algorithm to determine general load order. It also has a masterlist file, and the masterlist rules win over the general algorithm. So if the algorithm thinks plugin xyz.esp should go before plugin abc.esp, but the masterlist has a rule stating xyz.esp load after abc.esp, the end result should follow the masterlist rule.


Editing metadata in LOOT basically adds to the local copy of the masterlist.


If you want the masterlist rules to apply to all users of your mod (or to save them headaches adding the metadata themselves), you should submit a pull request with the masterlist changes on the LOOT Skyrim masterlist GitHub page. LOOT is community driven, so the only way the masterlist gets updated is by LOOT users / mod authors.


If for some reason LOOT isn't following the metadata rules you list (locally or from the masterlist), submit an issue on GitHub or post in this Bethsoft forum thread. I'm sure Wrinkly would want to know if there is a bug!


Also, regarding merges...again, the metadata rules all work based on the exact .esp filename. So if the new merge is renamed to be the same as the original plugin, it will have the same metadata rules. Without the same name, it reverts back to just being sorted with the general algorithm. Again, you can make local metadata rules or probably even submit a pull request for the masterlist with a name for the merged plugin, and then state on the Nexus page that everyone should use that plugin name when they make the merge.


Anyway, I hope this helps! :-)

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