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Performance Issues



Hey guys,


I'm getting odd performance, given the machine I'm running on, and I'm hoping you guys might have some thoughts.


I'm running on an Intel i7 5820K, with two nvidea 970s SLI'd, with 32GB of RAM, Windows 8.1. At the time this shot was taken, this is a partially modded Skyrim install (through 4.3.14 [Wiseman303's Critter Fixes] of SR:LE), so there is nothing particularly heavy running (the ENB is not activated yet).


So, this is the place where I'm taking my measurements, it's just outside the starting cave (near the first set of standing stones). It's a pretty heavy scene.




And here is the performance monitor (and my nvidea inspector monitor)




As you can see, nothing is near to maxxed out, I'm not hitting the limit on VRAM (4096), both my cards are running around 20-25% of capacity, and yet I'm getting 40FPS at this scene.


What would be causing that? Any ideas?

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Okay, well I think I've solved this, more or less. I discovered I wasn't in fact in my monitor's native resolution, which turned out to be 1900x1200 (I was running the game in 1900x1080). When I fixed this I picked up 5-10 FPS (odd that it went up when I increased the resolution, but I guess that's what putting the game into the native res will do for ya).


As for the remaining 10-15 FPS, I've noticed that it's really just that particular scene. If I move on anywhere else, it pegs out at 60 just about everywhere. Must be all the waterfalls and whatnot. It is a particularly heavy scene. We'll see how it goes as I continue adding more heavy mods to the game.


I still find it a bit odd that the FPS drops below 60 when it's not taxing my machine at all (RAM, VRAM, CPU, GPUs all fine, well below max).


[MODS: I suppose this ought to have gone into the support forum. Sorry about that. Feel free to move it over there if you want].

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Moved to SR Support.


That does seem a bit weird, but I wonder if the video card was upscaling the rendered frame to the native resolution of the monitor?


I'm not familiar enough with NVidia to even speculate what that might be causing the framerate to drop without spiking the GPU usage. I know my AMD video card normally runs peaked at or close to 100% usage so I generally look at the clock speed instead of the performance graph.

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