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Lag and SKSE folder in overwrite in MO



Hello again... :D


First and not final : THANK YOU NEOVALEN and everyone that helped and created these fantastic mods.


Because i am able to play the game now and i must say holy .... this should be named skyrim 2.(It even looks better then fallout 4 lol.)


However since every rose has its thorn i am having small issues.


Firstly Lag , not so much but no little to be played without annoyances.I did the settings in Low Fps section too.


iMinGrassSize is now 40 and i installed dyndolod with medium settings (and i refuse to go lower then that lol)


my resoulution is 1920x1080 and i really dont want to change it.


I also noticied shift + enter to set ENB settings which is reducing lag bit by bit however do you guys have any suggestions for it.For example i do not mind shadows that much or fog quality, depth of field and such.Maybe even tweaking ini's some more?


Now my second question :


whenever i exit the game there is a SKSE folder in overwrite in MO and i have no idea why or what to do with it.I searched a bit and found some stuff but none of them are for SRLE i think.

Heres what is included in there.




Smart Souls.ini


WearableLanternsData      (folder)      in it          profile1.json and common.json

SimplyKnockData             (folder)  same as ^

CampfireData                   (folder)  same as ^


As always i thank you for your patience and helpfulness.


As a final note : Well this is kind of a bug but i don't think it changes a lot so...Whenever i start the game with Vanilla new game from statue of mara my camera is showing me a POTATO of a man which is me...lol.This only happens in cinematic scenes though.


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For the first: I use the performance version of the Vividian ENB. That increases a bit the fps. Also i droped Skyrim Flora Overhaul. That's a major hit on the fps.


For the second: those skse data in overwrite are profile saves for MCM settings and some other settings for the mods like smart souls. They are normal. Just copy those to your SRLE profile and the will never appear again in overwrite

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And again thank you paul.Honestly you are becoming my life(skyrim) saver lol.


Hmm but honestly changing ENB settings in game can make a huge diffrence too without using performance version.I will check for Skyrim Flora Overhaul.


And for the second : Do you mean creating a mod with them in it(right click - create mod) or Mod Organizer\profiles\SRLE?

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