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Blocklist.txt from PerMa Help :D



Hail everyone! 
I stand here looking everywhere for a answear, but i can't seen to find one. 

Maybe i'm just dumb and can't use the Search Tool very well... Or google for instance, but both failed me, so i create this post.
So, it's really simple, i've been wanting to go with a Setup using some elements of STEP, some elements of Skyrim Revisited and PerKus Maximus, adding some little mods for convinience here and there.

Here is my Load Order > https://pastebin.com/h8C0GL1P


My Skyrim Ini > https://pastebin.com/hMc5NyRL


My SkyrimPrefs Ini > https://pastebin.com/JfgGXHY0


So, i've allready played with a similar load order for some time, adding only Death Alternative and Death Alternative - Captured (nothing from the 18+ site, only those mods), and i've had some problems with D.A, a lot of CTDs when dying, and stuff.

So, i wanted to ask, with this load order, what kind of mods, should i put on the Patchus Maximus Blocklist? Would, it help me with that isntability, i've seen some ppl saying that blocking D.A would help with CTDs using PerMa, but other places said the completly oposite, so i'm really without a clue what to do xD

I'm running this on a 16 GB RAM / 3 VRAM Card / i7-4790 3.60Hz / 1Tera HDDs


I remember, that some time ago, like a year past, i've managed to make this setup work on this very same machine, but i had to format the PC and lost my mods =\
So, anyone could direct me to how make this setup work xD?



Btw, sorry for bad grammar, english isn't my home language, and sorry if posting the wrong forum but general support seemed the right place for this one =z

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