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No Screen Shots with MO



I am unable to take screen shots when running Oblivion through OBSE in MO.

I altered both MO & Oblivion ini to allow them & I can take screen shots when running vanilla Oblivion.

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Welcome to STEP.


By default screenshots are created by using the 'PrintScreen' key and this results in a *.bmp in the game's installation folder, usually named something like: "ScreenShot0.bmp". Ingame the creation of the screenshot is indicated by a message across the top of the screen saying as much, did you see that message whilst ingame?


Curious as to what you mean by "altered both MO & Oblivion ini". You only need to edit the 'oblivion.ini' used in the specific MO profile which is just one setting:

change to:

(Though I have heard some users say they needed to turn off Anti-Aliasing for it to work with them.)


Now you haven't provided any details as to what mods or possibly ENBs you are using which add another layer of complexity to the issue.


To be clear, MO makes no changes to the executable and therefore isn't stopping the creation of screenshots. If you have made all the correct changes to your ini files and game settings then the screenshots are created. Perhaps a system wide search to look for them?

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Also make sure you are editing the correct ini file in Mod Organizer's profiles (using the built-in ini editor for example). The ini files stored in your user profile folder aren't used by the game when run from Mod Organizer.

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MO makes use of a virtual file system, so when you take svreenshots with the in-game system, maybe the screenshots are getting saved in the virtual file directory, so try using fraps to capture screenshots.

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