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Mod Organizer Feature Request



I didn't see any other dedicated place to post feature request threads, and MO Support seemed the most appropriate. Forgive me if this isn't the correct place.


It'd be neat if we could categorize certain mods as "sub-mods" of other mods. For instance, I could categorize a mod I created out of Overwrite for my CharGen presets as a sub-mod of CharGen. I could also categorize a bashed patch of a sub-mod of every mod I had installed at the time of creating the patch.


If a sub-mod only had one parent, the behavior wouldn't be too weird -- it wouldn't be visible in the left pane unless you expanded the fold under the parent, and if the parent was disabled, the sub-mod would be disabled as well.


If a sub-mod had multiple parents, that's where the behavior would get both interesting and ugly. Something useful we could do is have any sub-mod prompt to re-install / disable itself when one of the parents was disabled/enabled or changed load order in relativity to each other. This means that if I had one mod that had compatibility patches for other mods, I could break off those compatibility patches into their own mods (hopefully MO would make this easier if sub-mods were implemented) and make them sub-mods of both the original mod and the mod it was meant to be a patch for. If I moved the mods around to where their respective load order changed, I would automatically get prompted to re-install the patch/disable/remove the patch which would prevent me from forgetting about it and having it cause issues later because I forgot to disable it even though I disabled one of the parent mods (even though it doesn't spit out a missing master warning). The only downside that I can think of is that making a bashed patch a sub-mod to every mod installed might be a little messy.


We currently have a very limited capability to keep an eye on this through mod Conflicts, but it doesn't make information like patch parent mods being disabled apparent. I don't feel as if Conflicts are the best way to communicate something like that, at least in their current state.


Edit: Maybe the concept of "linked mods" would be more appealing as unlike "sub-mod" it doesn't imply mods can't be children of more than one mod?

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