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Immersive Citizens - Muting Weapon Swing Vocals



This is a very strange problem. When using newer versions of Immersive Citizens - AI Overhaul, the "grunting" sounds made by my character when swinging my weapon no longer play. When using the older 0.2.3 version of the mod, this problem does not exist and the sounds play normally. When using the newer 0.2.8 version or the 0.2.9 version that was released just a few hours ago, these sounds no longer play.


After some extensive troubleshooting today, I have found this to be true in any and all cases. When a pure STEP Core load order, the sounds are muted. With a full, massively modded load order, the sounds are muted. Even with Immersive Citizens as the one and only loaded mod, the sounds are muted. Maybe "muted" isn't the right word - they just don't play. I only hear the 'whoosh' of the weapon cutting through the air. 


Likewise, using the 0.2.3 version of this mod results in these sounds playing normally in all load order: STEP Core, Full, and as the only loaded plugin.


Considering this mod does not, as far as I can tell, modify anything having to do with sounds, I am at a complete loss here. Any ideas on how to fix this? It's an important mod and I want to use the most recent version, but combat silence is a deal-breaker. 

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