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Thoughts on Merge Plugins?



Just discovered this, not sure if anyone here has seen it or not.





What are the mod's thoughts on this specific tool?


Can it be used in STEP, in future devs?


Do you feel it's safe? Or does it undermine what STEP is all about in terms of load order?



In theory it makes sense, it uses xEdit, finds all conflicts and just simply overwrites them based on load order.


I feel like it can help when merging a mod that contains 6 plugins, you can merge all of them into 1. That would be nice.



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Merge Plugins works fine and has been for over a year both in theory and actual.

There are some exclusions like DynDoLOD rule merging, LODGen Billboards merging and any targeted papyrus dynamic link functions like GetFormFromFile.

All of which ARE possible but MP doesnt support it at this time.

The dyndolod stuff is easy, I was going to add it but I dont know how to get the IDE environment up and running but the papyrus stuff is going to be difficult and would require some creativity.

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