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tree branch pop-in - [SOLVED]



I'm having an issue with tree branches popping in at short distances. You can see what I mean bellow:



Check the point that my crosshair is at.


I noticed this after getting STEP setup, though it's not an issue with STEP. I've removed all mods and tweaks to troubleshoot this issue. So in short, I have a vanilla install. I have vanilla (generated via the bethesda launch options) Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini files as well. This is an issue when I set my preset to "High" though not an issue on the "Ultra" preset.


Anyone have any thoughts?

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I found the culprit. Its to do with fTreesMidLODSwitchDist

At ultra it is "fTreesMidLODSwitchDist=1e+007" and at high it is "fTreesMidLODSwitchDist=5000". The bug is when i switch it back to ultra from high, it still keeps the high value.


Problem solved!

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