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New Game error




I'm new here but I've looked through this section of forum and couldn't find any anwser...


I have installed Skyrim + newest update + Hearthfires + Dawnguard. Than I installed a STEP, using step by step guide. At the begining of it I installed NMM and SKSE. than all the mods as suggested without any not-recommended ones. Additionaly I installed a few mods from GEMS after doing STEP. Those were ASIS, GetSnowy, Bald Head, ApachiSkyHair, Caliente Female Body, Realistic Lightningh with Customization (3.5), Respectful Lydia, Supreme and Volumetric Fog and HiAlgoBoost FPS Performace Accelerator 2.


That is all i've got. now what is the issue?

I do not have ANY saved games. when I start the SKSE from NMM it says "update to the newest Skyrim version" and shuts down. When I start the game itself from NMM the launcher starts than I click Play and then when I choose NEW GAME nothing happens - meaning I can only see the rotating logo and can not do anything.


Do you guys have any idea what might be the issue here?

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Sounds like a problem with SKSE, so you'll want to make sure both Skyrim and SKSE are updated. To check Skyrim's version, right-click on TESV.exe and go to Properties, then Details, it should say there. Assuming you have v1.8 installed, also make sure you have the latest, v1.8 compatible SKSE (available here) installed entirely and correctly.

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Thanks. turned out I had some issues with the *.exe O_o It wasn't the version it was supposed to be. I assume that is because I've installed the "Unofficial Skyrim update". After that I also installed BOSS and checked the mods with it and made my skyrim work :) thanks again.





I may be able to start new game but now I'm getting this wierd graphics problem... because I don't belive it is how it supposed to.




any idea what caused it?

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That's one helluva snow storm! Unfortunately I have no idea how that may be happening. Best way to determine if it's an ESP problem is to go through and disable a few at a time until something changes and try to boil the problem down to one mod.

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