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How do I install Helixmod 3d vision fix for Skyrim and ENB Boost together?



I posted a problem in Skyrim where the Moons render at the wrong depth. I now realize what might be causing that problem but it brings up another issue.

I play Skyrim with Mod Organizer and around 230 mods all working well except for some minor issues. I'm using Win 7 64 bit.

I installed the Helixmod 3d vision fix for Skyrim. Then I installed ENB Boost for the memory patch fix. I don't run any ENBs, just the memory fix.

The problem is that after installing ENB Boost it also installs a d3d9.dll file that replaces the d3d9.dll from the Helixmod 3d vision fix. I am amazed how good the 3d vision looks since I now realize that the d3d9.dll from Helixmod is now replaced.

How should I install both the Helixmod 3d vision fix and ENB Boost memory patch so they work together?

Thanks for any help. Very much appreciated.



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You might try renaming the d3d9.dll that comes with Helixmod 3D Vision Fix to something like d3d9_3d.dll and then set it up as a proxy library in enblocal.ini like this:





I can't guarantee that it will work, but it's an easy alternative to try.

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