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ENBSeries INI Reference for Skyrim LE

A comprehensive and advanced guide and modder's resource for editing 'enbseries.ini' for Skyrim LE

by: The Step Team and community  | Forum Topic




This guide is a work in progress and is thus incomplete. While all INI parameters are listed and kept current, some of the parameter descriptions and image examples may be incomplete.

Guide Scope

This guide is intended as THE comprehensive reference to the functionality of all parameters found within enbseries.ini as it evolves. All of the user-configurable parameters contained within enbseries.ini are defined with screenshot examples (still a WIP). Parameters are presented by INI section headings in the order that they appear by default within enbseries.ini. Jump to a relevant INI section using the links below and navigate back to this 'hub' using the link that appears at the top of each section page.

Default INI (ENBseries v0.279)

INI parameters by section

ENB GUI Editing

This section is still only an idea and not complete.

Since ENBSeries v0.266, it is no longer recommended to toggle ssao/taa/reflection/dof on or off while in-game via the GUI. Reference


Much of the inspiration of this Guide came from a desire to have a complete reference for the enbseries.ini file. Some references exist such as, MTichenor's ENB Evolved User Manual which is included with his Preset and JawZ's Guide to ENBSeries, which this Guide's formatting is inspired by. Both were used in the initial creation of this Guide; however, MTichenor's Manual is outdated and JawZ's Guide is currently incomplete. Therefore, this ENBSeries INI Guide was created.

Credit goes out to both MTichenor and JawZ for the inspiration and reference for the beginnings of this Guide.

A very special thank you to the authors and contributors who helped STEP in this endeavor:

Aiyen -author of Skylight ENB+
Bronze316 -author of Seasons of Skyrim ENB
ConfidenceMan -author of Natural Lighting and Atmospherics for ENB+
Jafin16 -author of Lumen ENB+
JawZ -author of Enhanced Lighting for ENB+
Mangaclub -author of Vividian ENB
Matso -author of Project MATSO ENB