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Game Structure

Game Files[edit]

Once unpacked, the PCBANKS .PAK files reveal an organized tree of folders and files.
Here is a description of these files :

GLOBAL.MBIN Files - Global game settings
Folderthumb.png AUDIO
WEM format : encoded audio files
Voice Reference Table - A list of all the exosuit voice files with their WEM IDs.
Folderthumb.png BANKS_INTERMEDIATE - No known use
Folderthumb.png FONTS
FNT files : text files storing char maps to extract them from the .DDS canvas
DDS files : Textures storing fonts as images
Folderthumb.png INPUT
JSON files : text files storing devices input mappings
ACTIONS.JSON Reference file
Folderthumb.png LANGUAGE
LANGUAGE .MBIN files : store all the strings, texts and dialogs of the game
Folderthumb.png MATERIALS
MATERIAL.MBIN files : generic game materials.
Folderthumb.png METADATA - Game database
Folderthumb.png MODELS
SCENE.MBIN Files - similar to a prefab and holds information about in-game objects all the way from models, behaviors to audio, particle effects and more.
ENTITY.MBIN Files - the MBIN that defines interactions and behaviors of objects.
TkPhysicsComponentData - Models Physical properties
DESCRIPTOR.MBIN Files - handle the nested hierarchies of procedural generation in-game
Allowed Game Components in ENTITY Files
Properties allowed within the ENTITY file
Actions and Triggers
SimpleInteraction and Interaction Types
Reward trigger types and Reward item IDs
GEOMETRY.MBIN Files - store the 3D models
LSYSTEM.MBIN Files - Rules controling NPC buildings procedural generation
MATERIAL.MBIN Files - define the texture maps and shader flags to be used
ANIM.MBIN files - Animation files
Animation Curves
Folderthumb.png MUSIC
XML files : text files controlling music samples
Folderthumb.png PIPELINES
BIN files : text files controlling shaders branching
Folderthumb.png PLAYTOGETHER - unknown
Folderthumb.png PROMO - old game promotional files
Folderthumb.png SCENES - Trailer and demonstration static files
Folderthumb.png SHADERS
BIN files : shaders initialization text files
SPV files : Vulkan fragmented shader files
Folderthumb.png TEXTURES
CACHE.SQS : Texture caching file for quick texture adressing. Stores header and footer of most used textures
DDS files
Folderthumb.png TPFSDICT - Encrypted profanity words you can't use in NMS
Folderthumb.png UI
MBIN files : describes all the components and parts of the game GUI
TTF files : Standard TrueType Fonts used in game menus and interfaces

Configuration Files[edit]

These files are storing main game configuration settings and are located directly in the No Man's Sky/Binaries/SETTINGS folder.
Note that these are basicaly .txt files so they can be edited with any text editor.

Here is the list of the available files :

GCUSERSETTINGSDATA.MXML : These are main game settings and unlocked products and items as seen in the catalog
TKGAMESETTINGS.MXML : Your custom key mapping if you have set some
TKGRAPHICSSETTINGS.MXML : Game Graphical settings plus a few extra more.
Be sure to set the file in read only mode after your change to prevent the game from overwriting your changes.
Folderthumb.png HDR
.cube files : HDR LUT calibration files (These are simple .txt files too)

Save Files[edit]

No Man's Sky save files are stored in recluded folders.

  • Individual save files
Here is an example showing where you can find it if your operating system is on your C: drive :
Just 2 notes about this path : YouUserName is your user name on your computer and the final folder is unique so yours will be different
Save files are in .hg format which is obvioulsy an Hello Games proprietary format but some save editors can read and edit these files.


  • Shared catalog discoveries
Be also aware that NMS stores all the item discovered in your catalog during any game save in a separated file.
This file is located in :
Steam\steamapps\common\No Man's Sky\Binaries\SETTINGS\GCUSERSETTINGSDATA.MXML
So if you want to fully save your progression, it's important to also save this file.