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UNPB BBP Clarification...



So I'm pretty much finished installing SRLE.  Just need to merge, etc.


I do want to add more follower/NPC mods, like Sofia, Bijin NPCs, etc.   Many follower/NPC mods, and their Customizers, ask you to choose between UNPB or UNPB TBBP body styles, but say in order to use the TBBP meshes you need to have installed HDT Physics Extensions, HDT Breast And Butt Physics, and either XP32 Maximum Skeleton - XPMS or XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended - XPMSE.  


Per SRLE UNPB fomod instructions:   For Main Body--Bouncy or Static to choose T/BBP or Bouncing.   For UNPB Body to choose 2.5g TBBP Body.    FOR BBP style choose Natural Breast Motion by DarkAngel1265


So does that mean SRLE has a BBP installed, and I should choose the UNPB TBBP option for any followers/NPCS?  When i installed UNPB TBBP body style for follower/NPCS, the body/hands/feet nifs were the same size as my SRLE UNPB nifs.  If I installed standard UNPB body style for follower/NPCS, those nifs were smaller than my SRLE UNPB nifs.  So that alone leads me to believe that I should be installing UNPB TBBP body options for any followers/NPC...correct??  Any followers/NPCs should all be able to use the same body meshes??




Does it just make more sense to copy my SRLE UNPB body meshes, as well as Mature Skin textures, to any follower/NPC folders and rename them as necessary?





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