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Potential naming conflict "bug" ? [need verification]



I found out today

that a mod comes with a script file named "MineOreScript.pex" (Requiem)


apparently the different naming from unofficial patches // CCOR  : "mineorescript.pex"

makes Mod Organizer not detect  it as a file conflict in its interface.

despite that, while playing conflict is resolved as expected.


concrete example load order :




in game any CCOR MCM change has zero effect, conflict winner written as CCOR in mod organizer.

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I think perhaps you may have an issue with your load order rather than what you describe as MO uses Windows own OS standards of being case insensitive.


MineOreScript.pex == mineorescript.pex


Any conflict you experience in game will be because the incorrect one is winning in the load order.

If you examine the "Data" tab in MO and scroll to the Scripts folder and then navigate to the mineorescript.pex listing, the losing mods will be shown in a tooltip that appears when mousing over the name, which should be in RED.

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