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Disable Vividian ENB / Use another ENB

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I wanted to ask if it is possible to disable/use another ENB for SR without breaking the whole thing.

I already finished setting up the whole thing, but Vividian just hits my performance too much and i wanted to try out other ENBs or disable it.

Disabling the Vividian specific files seems to work fine but when i try other ENBs i have some issues. (I tried setting up a different profile in the ENB Manager).


What would the required steps to setting up another ENB be (if possible at all)?


Thanks in advance and the awesome guide! :)

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If you like the visuals then the best thing to do first would be to lower the various quality parameters. Most can be lowered further without massive detrimental effects. The ENB guide here on the site should be comprehensive enough to help you with that by now. Otherwise just check out what I have put in skylight and try that out. Last I checked most of the compute intensive stuff was similar in the files used. 

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Thanks for the replies.


I'll try out tweaking the Vividian ENB and installing the Performance version (do i just need to reinstall the Vividian Mod?).


When I try out another ENB, do i need to disable any Vividian specific mods or just set up another profile in the ENB Manager?

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