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The dreaded vertical mouse lag



I'm trying to get up and running with STEP, but I'm finding that I have a more fundamental issue with Skyrim's playability that I need to resolve first if I'm to proceed. The up/down mouse look is ridiculously unresponsive, such that I need to drag the mouse across the desk two or three times to get a mere few degrees of pitch. Side-to-side look seems to work fine, but any vertical motion is pulling teeth.
My system specs - I'm getting around 35 FPS during benchmarks at the moment, which isn't spectacular, but ought to be within the playable range.

I've attempted the following fixes gleaned from around the Web:

  • Turning off the 360 gamepad in Settings
  • Unplugging my 360 gamepad entirely
  • Setting bMouseAcceleration to 0 in skyrimprefs.ini > Controls
  • Setting fMouseHeadingYScale and fMouseHeadingXScale to 0.02 in skyrim.ini > Controls
  • Setting fMouseHeadingSensitivity to 0.05 in skyrimprefs.ini > Controls
  • Turning off "Enhance mouse pointer precision" in Windows settings
  • Turning off vertical sync by setting iPresentInterval to 0 in skyrim.ini > Display, and EnableVSync to False in enblocal.ini > Engine

None of these have had a noticeable effect on vertical look using the mouse. Any other ideas out there?


If I can't get this sorted, I guess my only option is to use the 360 controller for gameplay, which precludes using a number of cool things that require keybindings. That would make me very sad, but at last I'd get to play the game--I can't imagine trying to get through it with such an unresponsive mouse.

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Tried this evening: cranking up fMouseHeadingSensitivity to a whopping .15, and using an entirely different mouse. Still no love. The ridiculous mouse sensitivity level let me whip my head from side to side with a mere twitch of the mouse, but up/down pitch still felt like steering a tank. Changing mice did nothing whatsoever.


I guess I'm resigned to using a controller, now, but if anybody's got better ideas, I'm listening!

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Actually, I think I have it resolved! While most of the solutions I found out there recommended setting fMouseHeadingXScale and fMouseHeadingYScale to be equal, what I actually needed was to crank the YScale way up to counteract the massive discrepancy in how the game was reading the two axes. I have XScale at 0.02 and YScale at 0.2, that is, the Y movement scaled at a 10x factor of the X, and it's almost there--I still wobble side to side as I look up and down because the X is still a bit twitchy by comparison to the Y. I may need to reduce the overall look sensitivity some while pumping the Y sensitivity still further. I'll keep fine-tuning as I work through benchmarks. Phew!

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