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MO has "incomplete downloads"



Hey guys,

So, when i start Skyrim through SKSE, i like to close MO when i run SKSE to free up as many resources as possible. Yesterday, i tried downloading a Vivid Landscapes mod that i already had the file for and when i pressed "dont download", it showed up in my downloads list anyways with an empty bar. I then went and right-clicked it, and pressed either Cancel or Remove (cant remember). When i did that, the menu changed to like as if i was right-clicking an empty spot, while i was actually right-clicking this problem download. There was no change in the appearance of the bar or anything, so i quit MO (told me it had incomplete download, closed it anyways since i thought a simple restart would suffice) and now the file is no longer in my downloads list, yet MO is still telling me i have "incomplete downloads" and keeps giving me the message every time it quits, which is annoying as Skyrim is kind of buggy on window switching in fullscreen.


Thanks a mil for any help :D

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This happens sometimes with MO. If you remove the offending file (and its corresponding .meta file) from the MO downloads directory (inside MO directory by default) this should fix the problem.


Occasionally I move everything there to another folder for sorting anyway.

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