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Cleaning Bethesda ESMs



In the guide, it says:


Close Mod Organizer.

Navigate to Skyrim/Data and move the newly cleaned Bethesda ESM files to <Mod Organizer Path>/Mods/Cleaned Vanilla ESMs.

Navigate to <Mod Organizer Path>/overwrite/TES5Edit Backups and move all of the backup files to the Skyrim/Data folder.

Rename the .backup* files to their original name such as Update.esm, Dawnguard.esm and so on.

Remove the TES5Edit Backups folder from <Mod Organizer Path>/overwrite.

When I go to Skyrim/Data, the only .esm file is Skyrim.esm.  In ModOrganizer/Overwrite, there are .esm for all the files I cleaned.  I assume those are the original files.


Am I doing something wrong?

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