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backing up MO



I'm trying to figure out the best way to keep backups of my mods and the easiest way to keep that backup up to date. currently I run MO on a SSD and HDD. On the SSD I just keep my mods and profiles and on my HHD I do all of my downloading and profile making. What do you think about this

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You can pretty much organize it however you want with Mod Organizer on the SSD or the HDD, downloads on the SSD or HDD, and mods on the SSD or the HDD. I keep the mods folder on the SSD so that Skyrim is always loading assets from the faster SSD, but I don't use Mod Organizer to download mods from Nexus. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing so, it's just that I tend be a bit obsessive-compulsive about keeping mods organized in a structure in which I can find them.


Specifically, I download all my mods with the browser and store them in categorized folders (using pretty much the Nexus categories) with the files stored in a folder with the name of the mod (e.g. P:\Games\Skyrim\Visuals and Graphics\Static Mesh Improvement Mod with all of SMIMs files in this folder). I have the browser set to ask me for a download folder to make this a bit easier.


I do it this way primarily so I don't have to download all these mods every time I need to create a new profile, especially given that a lot of the big mods aren't updated very often, and it helps me know that files with obfuscated names like "Non BSA Version-10625.6.7z" belong to HD Rabbits Plus. I'm not picking on HD Rabbits Plus, just wondering how anybody knows what mod that file belongs to if it's dumped in with a thousand other files in the Downloads folder.


I also hit Nexus about once a week or so to find any mods that need to be updated and check out any interesting mods that hit the front page. Of course, every so often I have to go through these folders to delete any older versions of mods that I'm no long use or need. I don't typically update mods on the fly during a playthrough (unless it's specifically to fix a bug I'm experiencing), so when I finish the game and setup a new profile I'll purge the old versions of mods and keep the current versions. tend to be a bit lax about what I delete so I still have a lot of older versions of mods that I need to think about getting rid of at some point... one day.

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